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Due to a high demand for my main property photography work I am unable to accept any new inventory related work at the present time.



  •  Inventories produced in accordance with ARLA Propertymark Inventories code of practice

  •  A detailed and unbiased record of the property’s condition, produced in a consistent and     methodical style

  •  A wide range of photographs to accompany the written descriptions of the rooms, contents,   exterior, areas of damage, high value items etc

  •  Space provided to add comments at check-in and check-out

  •  Meter readings (including photos of the meters)

  •   Information to assist tenants (stop tap location etc)

  •   Inventories supplied in pdf format (printed copies available for a modes additional charge)

Tenancy check-in

  •   Tenants are met at the property

  •   Inventory reviewed and amended if necessary

  •   Meter readings re-checked and recorded

  •   Tenants’ agreement of the recorded condition at the start of the tenancy is obtained

  •   Signed documents returned to the agent

Periodic visits

  •  A check of the general condition of the property and its occupancy to establish whether the     tenants are causing unacceptable damage

  •  Highlight issues that may arise at the end of the tenancy, allowing problems to be addressed

  •   Check the property’s general condition for necessary issues of on-going maintenance

  •  A written report is emailed to the agent in pdf format

  •   It is important to note that the periodic visit is not a full check of the property against the inventory

End of tenancy check-out

  •   The property is inspected at the end of the tenancy and a report issued covering:

  •  The differences between the inventory and the property at the end of the tenancy

  •  A written summary of each room and outside areas

  •  Photos of each room and specific areas of concern

  •  An opinion as to whether differences are the liability of the landlord

      (maintenance/fair wear and tear) or the tenant (damage/need for cleaning etc)

  •  List of missing items and additional items left by the tenant

  •  Final meter readings

  •  Tenant’s forwarding address (if tenant present to provide this)

  •  Keys returned to agent

  •  If the tenant is present, written confirmation of their agreement of meter

      readings, handover of keys, forwarding address and a note of any issues

      raised by the tenant, will be included with the written check-out report.

  •  A written report is emailed to the agent in pdf format 

An example inventory can be downloaded here

My fee scale covering furnished and unfurnished inventories, periodic checks, end of tenancy

check outs (and terms & conditions) can be seen here (scroll to the fifth page after downloading) 

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