Energy performance certificates were introduced

in 2007, forming part of home information packs (HIPs)

which were launched in the same year.  HIPs were

suspended in 2010, but EPCs remain a legal

requirement for properties sold or rented.  

EPCs are also required in connection with certain

energy saving improvements such as solar panel

installations, biomass boilers etc.

Estate Agents' property adverts always quote the energy

rating (an A-G scale) but the full EPC extends to at least

four pages, and provides a great deal more information:

- Energy costs over three years

- Summary of the property, construction, insulation

   & heating

- Recommendations for energy saving measures

- Likely savings as a result of installing these measures

I can provide EPCs for as little as £45 (for domestic properties with up to 3 bedrooms within 30 miles of North Walsham)  For larger or more distant properties please contact me for quotation here.  I am not able to provide EPCs for commercial or new-build properties.

EPCs can also be provided as part of a package including professional property photography and/or floor plans.

See my fee scale here 

I am accredited to provide EPCs by Elmhurst Energy


EXTERNAL LINKS to further information about EPCs

EPC's are publicly available and can be downloaded at - buying or selling your home

Energy Saving Trust

Front page of the EPC contains the main rating graph
showing current rating and potential rating
(with all the energy saving recommendations applied)
Estimated energy costs over three years on current
performance and with energy saving measures applied

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